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Pictures from our fundraiser
A "screen-grab" from our brand new broadcast system 1974 rocked the house!
It was wonderful to have Julia and Ellis close the day. Alex (pictured) and Justin finally got to use the new board!
Ian talking to one of our many listeners who made the day so successful Honeycutt is the reason you could hear it all!


Drury Award Update

The nominations for the next Drury Awards will be announced on September 7th. WWPT has been named one of the top three high school radio stations in the country for four straight years. We hope to make it five in a row. As you can see from the picture on the left, our entries on there way to Illinois!

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Request Line: 203-341-1381
send email to WWPT and our advisor at Mzito@westport.k12.ct.us

Wondering what you heard on our overnight player? There are a few ways to find out. The computer that is playing the songs puts a "time stamp" on the last time each was played. If you email zeeto (email link) with the date and time that you heard the song (as long as it is within a week) we should be able to figure it out. (A little info on the song is always helpful).

You can also use the SHAZAM app on your smartphone. We'd love to hear your Shazam/WWPT story if you've got one!

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