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Drury Award Update

The 2013/14 Drury Awards took place on Saturday, May 3rd. We're proud to announce that WWPT had three programs that earned top honors as the best shows in their categories. Arin Meyer and Hannah Foley (pictured left) received the "Best Newscast" award for Good Morning Staples on WWPT – Homecoming Edition. Justin Gallanty had the nation's outstanding "Public Affairs Program" with We Are All Human. And Jim Honeycutt’s Audio Class and David Roth’s Theater Class took both first and second place nationally in the "Best Radio Drama - Adaptation" category for It’s a Wonderful Life.

All told WWPT took three firsts, three seconds and one third, with four other programs earning "National Finalists" recognition. This marks the fourth year in a row that WWPT has earned a place on the podium as one of the top three high school radio stations in the country.

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